Everyone is talking about routines to structure your day. Especially morning routines are said to improve your productivity throughout the day. But you still feel tired and listless in the afternoon? Maybe your morning routine is actually harming your productivity.

Here are 3 reasons why your morning routine is bad for your productivity:


Let’s face it- you are just not the early bird!

Some people jump out of bed with the first clock ringing. Some struggle and hit the snooze button a million times before they can set foot out of bed. This is normal and okay! If you have problems with getting up early maybe you have to accept, that you do not belong to the flock of early birds. Just try to use your time in the evening more efficiently. It is scientifically proven that people’s chronotype determines their perfect time to go to bed.

You just have to find your perfect time and structure your day around it. For example, you can use the evening for some serious meal prepping for the office the next day, so that you can have an extra five minutes in the morning. Get to know yourself and your cycle and use it for your own benefits.


You have to get your normal amount of sleep!

Getting up early oftentimes forces people to sacrifice divine hours of sleep, which leads to a lower energy level and tired eyes at work. Even when following a morning routine you have to get your usual, healthy amount of sleep- for most people. This means between 7 and 8 hours per night. maybe you have to change some things during the day when you struggle to fall asleep early. Skip the afternoon coffee that usually boosts you through the rest of the workday or supplements it with a calming green tea.

Also working out in the evening can be bad for your cycle and keep you up at night. Better work out directly after work or even better go for a long and relaxing walk during your lunch break. The fresh air will make you tired and calm your mind and body. It will be a lot easier to fall asleep in the evening.


Use the time you have!

Maybe you do not use the time you gain through getting up early as efficiently as you should be. You have to plan your morning beforehand since there is no more frustrating feeling than getting up and not knowing what to do first. Your mind is not at its performance peak yet so be prepared and structure your morning minute per minute. Also meditating in the morning is said to be super healthy and good for your mind, but if you just struggle to not fall asleep, do something more energizing. Accept yourself and your flaws and habits- this way you can get to know your body’s needs and customize your morning routine accordingly.