Don’t we all know the feeling of setting the alarm on Sunday night and being super motivated for the upcoming week? Get up early, do the laundry and the groceries and go to yoga at least twice a week. So much for it then, but isn’t it extremely hard to get out of your pillow castle on Monday morning and take action? I think we can all need some motivation to do so!

Here are five innovative inspirations to start your week right:

1.Drink a full glass of water

The last liquid your body got was probably about 6 to 8 hours ago and so you are for sure dehydrated. Drinking a full glass of water right after waking up helps your body to get out of this distress and to increase your blood circulation. You will immediately feel more awake and have enough energy to start the day.

Always have a glass of water on your bedside table and fill it up before going to bed!


2.Work it baby

You might still be in the lazy Sunday mood, but there is nothing more energizing than working out in the morning. I know it’s hard- but worth it, you will carry this motivation through the whole week.
You can go for a run, do some yoga or just some squats while brushing your teeth. No matter what, your body will be thankful and isn’t it also nice to know that your butt will look amazing in your office skirt? I think you know too well what I mean 😉

Super inspiring: Fitness model Pamela Reif works out every day of the week: @pamela_rf



3. Set your intentions

Always take some time to really think about what inspires you and what you want to achieve today. Do you want to finish your project at work or hand in your assignment today? Or do you want to be extra polite and make somebody smile today? All intentions are good and fair- you just have to set them. When coming home give yourself feedback on your intentions and reflect on your inspirations. Did you achieve what you wanted? Then reward yourself!

Oftentimes it is easier to stay motivated with intentions when visualizing them. Take the time and write a short note on your goals and enjoy the feeling when ticking it off your list in the evening!


4.Doll up!

Is there any better feeling than looking good? Even if everybody says character is more important than looks, we all want to look and feel attractive.Get up earlier or put together an outfit in the evening.

Taking this me-time might inspire you to try out something totally new, or maybe you like to invest in a high-class lipstick that you only allow yourself to wear on Mondays? This way you will always have something to look forward to at the beginning of the week and have a reason to smile all day- you will look fabulous!

  Beauty-Guru Allana Davison rocks the lipstick game: @allanaramaa




5.Make Monday a Funday!

Think of your perfect weekend and what you would like to do than take one of these activities and schedule it for Monday evening. Be it a dinner date, having a bath and a glass of red wine or a phone call with your best friend who lives abroad. Doing these things after work will make you feel like you have an extended weekend and bring some chilled vibe into your well-deserved evening.

These little tips will help you to start your week right and stay motivated until it is Friday again- thank god!