Summer is approaching! Time to get in shape to charm the hot lifeguard at the pool or to look amazing in your bridesmaid dress at your best friend’s wedding. You do lots of sport and also banished carbs from your lunch box but still struggle to get lost of these annoying extra pounds? Maybe the mistake is in your breakfast routine. Here are five things you should avoid for breakfast when you want to lose weight.


Get rid of these light products

Even if the packaging looks super healthy and ideal for a fitness lifestyle, telling you how much proteins are inside the product. These products usually contain a lot more sugar than the regular products. So do not get seduced by the low-fat high-protein cream cheese and just use normal products but in moderation.


Make your own granola

Granola is super healthy and keeps you energized the whole day- yep, sure, but most of the granolas you can buy in your supermarket of trust also contain way more sugar than necessary. So take the time and make your own granola to be aware of all the ingredients and of the sugar level. You can also use natural sweeteners like honey or agave nectar.


Skip the juice

Fruits are great and the freshly-squeezed orange juice is super refreshing and also good for your immune system, but again too much sugar to lose weight! Better drink a nice ginger tea with some fresh lemons inside in the morning, it will also activate your circulatory system and support your immune system.


No latte for you!

Yes, we all love our extra portion caffeine in the morning to get us going, and getting a latte to go is just so easy. But this is a true fattener- one Starbucks latte Macchiato has around 220 calories! This is energy you can definitely skip, so better drink a normal black coffee if you need the energy kick or better stick to tea.


Eat enough!

It is so easy to skip breakfast when you are in a hurry for work, but this is exactly the wrong way to do it. leaving your stomach empty in the morning will give you cravings and a low energy level throughout the whole day. Better fuel your body at breakfast and activate your metabolism to support the weight-losing process.