iPhone Case

We all love our phone and we all love to dress up pretty- so why not dress up our most favored accessory? At Dean & Eric, we designed some high-quality leather iPhone case in two different colors. It protects your phone from all the dangers out there. It is a stylish key-piece that completes all of your looks. The case’s material is saffiano leather and a rubber case that muffles all four edges of your smartphone. Finally, the highlight about our iPhone cases is that you can personalize them with your individual monogram to make it just as individual as you are.

Dean & Eric wants young women to stand up for themselves. For us, it is important to show personality in the fast-moving world of today’s fashion industry. Dean & Eric is a classy and fashionable label that addresses a large target group since the accessories are timeless and ageless.
We ship all of our products all over Europe and are pack them with an extra dash of love! So what are you waiting for? Get your own personalized accessories and become a part of our world!