Everyone is talking about to-do lists, productivity and getting shit done, but sometimes this is easier said than done. There is no feeling more frustrating than going home at half-past five and knowing that not even half your list is done and you will start all over again tomorrow… So what is the perfect way to tick all tasks off the list without panic attacks and stressful last-minute actions?

Here is the perfect technique for everyone who is struggling with organizing oneself:

The 1-3-5 Technique!

1-3-5 means that you need to have one big goal to tackle the day, three medium tasks that are less important and five small tasks you can easily finish even in little time.

Tackle the one big task first thing in the morning, because it will need most of your focus and productivity. What might help you with it is writing down in one clear-cut sentence what you are going to do. This way you will not become distracted from your primary goal.

Next are the three smaller tasks- it might as well be good to write them down, maybe in bullet points, so that you do not lose track of what you still have to do. If you realize that time runs out, fill in the five smaller tasks so that you can postpone the medium tasks to the next day. This way you will have a better chance of getting done a lot and not procrastinating the hard tasks to the next day. Try it out, you will be amazed to see your productivity increasing 🙂

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